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Parenting Classes

What is the Parenting Seminar?
Under Georgia law, both parties in a divorce are required to attend a parenting seminar in Georgia if the parties have children under the age of 18 due to the volatile nature of divorce and the impact it has on children. The parties are not required to attend the seminar together - they can take it at separate locations and on different dates. Even though the content of the parenting seminar is basically the same throughout the state, each county manages its own parenting seminar program. Generally, the topics addressed are how to reduce stress for children during a divorce, visitation recommendations, financial obligations, conflict management, changing parental roles during a divorce, stress indicators for children, and the needs and age appropriate expectations of children going through a divorce.

You can find more information for parenting seminars in Metropolitan Atlanta counties at:

Please note that there are only a limited number of seminars offered each month so it is important to review the schedule and try to attend the next available seminar. If you cannot attend the parenting seminar for the county in which your divorce is filed, most counties allow you to take the seminar in any other county in the State of Georgia to receive credit.

At the end of the seminar, you will receive a certificate of completion. The advantage of attending the seminar in the county in which your divorce is filed is that in most counties the Office of Dispute Resolution will automatically file the certificate of completion with the Clerk’s office for you. If you attend a parenting seminar in a different county, you are responsible for filing the original parenting seminar certificate with the Court.

In addition, if your spouse resides out of the state of Georgia, the judge still requires him or her to attend a parenting seminar. Parenting seminars are offered in the majority of states throughout the United States and your spouse will need to find a location convenient to him or her. For instance, Transparenting Seminars offer seminars throughout the United States.